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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Thank you for the package and your letters!! they are awesome and the things in the package were and will be very very useful!

   So all the people in my Zone left on Tuesday and Monday to go serve in the field and even though it was way sad it was exciting to see them go and got me excited to serve. My district will now dwindle down to 7 guys since we had one go home the first week and now my comp and I are leaving! They, as I have told y'all before are awesome! The new district leader will be Elder Kezarian. ha Elder Kezarian is President Packard's grandson , we found this out about a week into the mission and we can tell the kid is destined for apostleship!! In sacrament meeting my comp and I passed the Sacrament, which is something that I haven't  done in a while and it made me realize how important that ordinance is, and how much responsibility we put on the shoulders of 12 year olds!!!!! On Tuesdays we have devotionals and yesterday David F. Evans of the Seventy came to speak to us.  He spoke about the doctrine of Christ, and as a missionary this related to everything we do.  We learned very early in here that the doctrine of Christ is ultimately following the example of Christ in doing all the things in order to return to live in Gods presence again.  As a missionary our purpose is to invite others the " know the doctrine of Christ" and come unto him, so when elder Evans spoke on this it really hit home and I loved it!!
  We have district meetings after devotionals ( in the class room where we spend over 3/4 of our time here ) and they are amazing.  I feel the Spirit more with these Elders then I ever have! Even though the experience of the MTC are very repetitive and boring , one thing I never get sick of is the feeling of the Spirit and the prompting we as missionaries receive every day.
    My teachers here in the MTC have been the best people that I know! One of them is named Brother Kyle Jarman, he served in Spain so I have kind of picked up his (theta) or lisp when I speak Spanish, but he is the greatest example of a missionary I could ask for and he pushed us so hard, almost to the point where I thought I couldn't take anymore! Our other teacher is Sister Flor Purziani , she is a native of Argentina and a convert to the church.  She was our first "investigator" so we were able to teach her.  But when she started talking she didn't slow her Spanish down at all for us. I am very grateful for that! She challenged us to put a gobstopper in our mouth at night and pray until it was gone... I have done this for the past couple nights and I end up praying for about 15 minutes every time and the great thing about it is that I always have something to pray about.
   The BoM has become my favorite thing, and since I started it last week.I'm already in Mosiah and am learning so much this time thru it!!
We had the chance to teach in English the other day, and I realized how much less stressful being an English speaking missionary would be, but I'm called to speak Spanish so that's what I'm doing!
   One of the sisters that just left colored visual renditions of the ten commandments,  the way out of sin, and the first three lessons, and I think it is what David was going to show me! They are awesome.  I went and got them shrunk and copied!
    Well anyway I love y'all and the next time I e-mail you I'll be in The DR!!!! I will call you from CHI town in the airport so we can talk on the phone and I can hear your sweat voices!

I love you so much and that you so so so so much for your support!



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