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Alma 42:27

Friday, August 12, 2011

7/28/2011 Matt's 1st letter home

July 28th, 2011
Hey guys at home!
The MTC is treating me well.  I have seen so many people I know.  Sefa, Porter, Michael, Slack, Jace, Rob, Silongo and a ton more.
They keep us really busy and it’s only day two, but I’m up for it.
Receiving my name tags made this whole experience easier for me.
My companion, Elder Johnson, he’s a guy from Ogden and is a really cool guy.  He almost like me, so it’s pretty funny.
We are rooming with two Elders from California that will be serving in Alabama speaking Spanish.
Mom, I just went in and turned in my immunization forms and we forgot to write in some dates.  I need:
2 dates for MMR, 3 dates for HEP B and, 2 dates for HEP A
Hopefully you have this stuff!
The easiest way to get it to them will be to FAX it to 801-422-0860 – As soon as you can.
Sorry that I forgot to do this
Other than that I’m doing just great.  Spanish is and will be a struggle until I get back, but I think I’m pretty good at pronouncing the words.
My district consists of 8 Elders going to Buenos Aires Argentina and just a very lonely set of Elders headed to the D.R.   They threw us into a class room right when I got here where I heard nothing but Spanish!
The word on the street is that after Sunday it gets easier,  but to be honest,  I don’t think it’s that bad.
Don’t worry about me, okay!
I love ya’ll

Elder Matt Griner

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