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Alma 42:27

Saturday, August 13, 2011

8/13/2001 - Provo MTC

thanks for emailing back! im not sure if you got the first one but anyways, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE!!! ha it is awesome gettting stuff here.
The wallet is the coolest thing i have ever seen and it will serve me very well in the mission life
the cookies were so so so so so good and are already almost gone.
thank you for getting a camel'back for me , when i talked to sister lee she told me that a camelback and hankies were the two most im portant things for mike to have due to the humitdity.
the socks are just what i needed and thank you for setting up the card, you guys are the best!!!!
the only thing that i can really think that i need are my black vans, i only brought my nikes and wearing those w'ith pants isn't my favorite thing.
So on saturday i went to play soccer for some reason with my district and unfortuneately was playing to rough and caught a blow to the face by one of the other elders!!! so i am now sporting a scabbed lip! ha it was fun though.
I found out i think on friday that my comp and i would be going to the DR on august 18th and would be leaving at 4 in the morning to go chicago, miami and then down to the DR so i will have a long day of flying!! I am very excited to go down there and have to work harder to learn spanish and more about teaching. Dad thank you for your letter, you are totally right when you say serve where you are or lift where you stand and even though i am going down there i know that if i had to stay here i wouldve done just fine because of that reason so thank ya.
Ok so we are in what is called the pilot program and it is where they throw you into teaching and you you having investegators the whole time you are here, i now have two investigators. one is named miguel ( my teacher playing a role of a man who he once taught) and the other named Maria( again my teacher) and even though they are not real, it is more real to me then anything else in my life has been. We study for these people we learn the language for these people and we pray for these people. Miguel we found out does not know how to read and before we knew this we asked him to read and he refused and me being stupid said that reading was the ONLY way to know for himself that the things we were teaching him were true ( which is not true but that is all i knew to say in spanish ) so he then kicked us out of his "house" leaving my comp and i frustrated and embarrassed but that is all in the challenge. Maria is our other investigator and i get to meet her tonight actually!!! anyway, I get more pumped up and nervous to go teach in spanish then i have for ball in  my entire life. I have noticed that i have always been able to do things fairly well and that is jiust not the case here. I have to learn for myself and teach for someone else. its is way rough but like ive said before ... im in ha!
One of the guys in my distrct went home last friday and it brakes my heart to see him go. I don't know what the reason was but it was terrible to watch him leave. I know that a mission is supposed to only be you and your comp but our district is the coolest bunch of guuys with the strongest testimonies that i know.
     My roomates are elder olson and elder despain, i have probably told you about them but they are the reason that i stay sane here in this place other then the name that i am representing on my tag. they are just down to earth guys. i love em. 
   But yeah i heard that she won! that is awesome, she'll be great! ( Lauren won Miss Utah County)
   Hey if you happen to run into blake please tell him to write me before i leave. i have to inform him on some stuff in the place.  um....
volley ball is becoming my new favorite thing because no one will play baseball with me. 
OH OH ! one of my pens decided to bust in one of my short sleeve shirts so i had to toss it out so if you would like to send me another one then that'd be awesome but if not i can survive, OH and some of my ties, i know they tell you to bring 6..... everyone has 20.
    On sunday i gave the opening prayer in spanish and also bore my testimoiny which was fun. i love spansih and can't wait to speak more fluently, one problem i have with it is that i mumble hahaha so i need to practice inunciating. 
   Well i love you guys and thank you for supporting me, please write! its the best and i don't have much time to email so yeah.... write or dear elder!
I love you all and will talk to you later!!!!!!!!!!

Elder griner

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