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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Saturday, February 16, 2013

AH 22

Hey Family.                                                                                            30 Jan 2013

Every Monday, Saturday and sometimes Thursday as a missionary you have meetings. District meetings, Zone meetings, and sometimes they call a special meeting with the assistants to the president. This week we had all three!! And was assigned to lead every single one .... ha.

There are 24 missionaries in my zone and everyone of us has something that we need to learn to be able to become a better missionary. So every meeting we try and focus on what we need as missionaries, and we prepare something new for them each time.

When I came into the mission, it was a lot different. Instead of talking about obedience and following the rules, they taught us how to teach and prepare a person for baptism. For some reason that tradition went away. BUT WE"RE BRINGING IT BACK! Haha. I feel that who I am as a missionary started in my first two transfers with my trainer. I learned a ton and its because he just taught me how to teach.

In the meetings that we have, my comp and I focus on the practices, questions, invitations and commitments. I know all of those things work because I’ve seen people get baptized! ha I’m really grateful to be called as a leader in the mission (even though I think that my time is running out, well see). Because I can share what I’ve learned and had success with and it seams that the one preparing to teach actually gains as much as if not more than the one he is teaching.

This week has been really different because we have done three intercambios (trade-offs). I have hardly been in my area; but I’m having some fun with the other Elders and people we meet and teach, and doing good.

Arturo really like the conference. He was amazed to think that Elder Nelson is an Apostle! I think that it made believing our message a lot more easy for him to understand.

Love all of you 


misión santiago RD

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