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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Sunday, February 17, 2013

AH 23

Hey Family,                                                                                6 Feb 2013
This past week has been good for us .
The electricity went out in our house and we didn’t have water either!... Well maybe that’s not the good part, but here it’s life haha .
This week we got our investigators to church. there is a Haitian named Wolinmsky that we have been teaching for a while. He came to church when I thought there was no hope for him! We went to his house and taught him with Maxi James (who just got baptized) and it was an amazing lesson, even though it was taught in English, Spanish, Creole and French. We all understood enough to know that James really helped Wolinmsky to understand the importance of the word of wisdom!! On Sunday we sent a member to his house to pick him up to go to church but he was sleeping; but right as we were finishing sacrament meeting he walked in and it made me so so happy!!. Ha

We had an intercambio (trade-off) the other day and I went with Elder Romney. As we were finishing and getting ready to go back to the house. I decided to visit a member that has always treated us well. As we got to the house she asked us to come in and talk to her. So we did and she asked us for a blessing of health. I asked her why but she didn’t want to tell me. So I did as I was asked, and we left. On Thursday we had a meeting and she was there representing the Relief Society. She bore her testimony about how she had had signs of cancer and the doctor said that she would more than likely be diagnosed with it. She went on to say that the day after we gave her the blessing, she went to the hospital and they said that she wouldn’t need to worry, that it wasn’t going to grow anymore!! Sweet right! that Lord blesses people - still !!!!! ha
A couple things about the mission. In our meeting that we had with the president, he talked a lot about how we are going to be getting like 40 new missionaries and more then all of them (most of them) are going to be girls haha or sister missionaries. So, they are opening two areas in my zone for sister missionaries! We found out that Elder Anderson and Elder Rasband are coming to the DR and we will be having a meeting with Elder Rasband which is pretty exciting.
ALSO . one of my old comps called me this week. Elder Ruiz, I was with him in el Ejido about a year ago. He called me and we talked for a while, it was legit to hear from him. He said that he is coming to visit the mission.
Elder Renderoz and me in the branch of la Herradura (its a tiny house that they use as the church) we went out to a district meeting to see how the missionaries were doing.
Three guys that work in a car wash next to the house sleeping on cardboard in the shade!! haha I should’ve woke them up and taught them!
misión santiago RD

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