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Saturday, February 23, 2013

N 1

Hey Family, 02/14/2013
So sorry I didn’t write yesterday. It was a really, really long day ha.
On Sunday I was informed that I was going to be moved to an area called Navarrette that is just outside of Santiago to the northwest. I’m still a Zone Leader, so it’ll be fun to work with a new group of Elders and Sisters and see what we all can do ha.
So on Monday and Tuesday I got the chance to say goodbye to all of the people that treated me so well in Arroyo Hondo, and all the people that we helped join the church! It was way fun and sad at the same time. ha .
But then on Wednesday I helped with the transfers; taking all the missionaries to their new areas and houses. It took from like 7 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. Then the office Elders took me to my new area, and when I got here there wasn’t any electricity in the town so we couldn’t use the internet or do much at the house! ha
So, we just went to work and I got to know the area a little bit. My new comp’s name is Elder Cespedes. He’s Dominican and he started the mission at the same time I did. I have been friends with him since I got here, so we´ll have fun together.
The Stake in Navarrette was formed 3 years ago. There are a lot of really good and strong members that like to work with the missionaries. We had a meeting with the Ward Mission Leader yesterday and we planned for about 4 people that are going to be baptized this month, so it should be awesome!
I’m really glad that I got to serve in Arroyo Hondo! I learned so so much about myself and missionary work. I’m grateful for the chance I had to serve, work with and, help the people there!! I definitely want to see them again!
Ya, it’s carnival time here, but I wasn’t in an area that is really influenced by it. So we didn’t have to stay in at all this year.
YES! The package arrived! hahah thank you so much. A dual purpose package, Valentines and Birthday!!!! Wow there’s enough in there for a real party! But right now the jerky is saving my life because there is no food in the new house, ha.
The zone is made up of only 18 missionaries; 2 sisters and 16 elders. I’m pretty sure there are going to open an area in the zone for some of the soon to be incoming sisters.
My residence is a two level house and we live on the first floor. The house is so so ugly. Ha. There are plants and stuff growing into the windows! We´ll definitely have to clean it inside and out.
My friend James in Arroyo Hondo
love yall
misión santiago RD

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