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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Sunday, December 2, 2012

AH 13

Hello Family!!!!                                                                               28 November 2012
Well, I’ve experienced again that when the time is right the time is right; and when God decides that he wants something to happen, it happens – we are here to serve!

This week we found out that one of our investigators, Rafael, has had to work for the past two weeks so we haven’t been able to get a hold of him or anything, we thought that he had dropped off of the face of the earth. Then out of nowhere he showed up to church and invited us over to his house.  He told us that he had to be in the capital for a week for his work he couldn’t be baptized on the day that we had planned.  But then he said don’t worry though.... I talked to the bishop and I am helping with the kids in seminary and I will be helping plan for the ward Christmas party. so don’t worry.  We'll just do the baptism another week nearer to Christmas! ha The reason I say that when God wants something he does it, is because Rafael has been around the church for a long time and has always seen his friends going to church and just had never felt that he needed for it in his life.  But for some reason, the Lord chose now to be his time, so my comp and I are just kind of along for the ride  haha.

On Sunday a member that had recently given us a referral of his neighbor asked us if we could invite the President of the mission to come and teach with us and have a Family Home Evening with them. So I nervously contacted President Douglas and he was more than glad to come and accompany us. So we got the chance to go and teach with him; and to be honest, the couple that we went and taught has never been the “golden” investigator.  While we were there they paid attention and wanted to know more. After we all got the chance to testify of how the teachings in the Book of Mormon have changed our lives, he made a promise to us that he was going to read it all the way through. ha I don’t know if it’s just the spirit the president has or what ha. I’m just really glad that we were able to help him understand the importance of our message! 

Just so all of you know, and I know I’ve probably said this before but I’m so glad to be part of a family that is together. Because I’m in a place where that is almost unheard of!

It blows my mind how much our family dynamic has changed while I’ve been serving my mission!  Both grandparents on Dad’s side have passed away.  Now, my parents are grandparents, my sisters are moms and aunts and Dave and I are uncles ... and he'll soon be a dad! ha It’s just a little bit crazy but it’s all in the God’s plan for us.  So it’s all good!!!!



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