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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Saturday, December 29, 2012

AH 17

Hello family!!!                                                                 26 December 2012 

Yesterday was really fun and I’m glad that I got the chance to talk to all of you guys!!! 

Like I told you yesterday Victor,  got baptized on Friday!!!   To be honest, it was a really stressful getting the baptism organized.  Ha! 

Last Friday my comp left for the mission home to have his final meeting with the mission President.  So I was with two other elders as companions.  They are part of the Office Staff and weren’t familiar with my area and how to get things ready for the baptism, so I got to get everything organized and planned for the baptism without my comps assistance.   

Elder Feliz got the chance to come back after his exit interview and be at the baptism. It was really special for us because it was his last day and we had worked together for this occasion.  It was a very spiritual baptism.  Elder Feliz, a member, and I sang Silent Night as a special number.  It turned out really nice!!!   Victor’s story is really awesome.  We met him exactly three weeks ago today. He was a person that was prepared by the Lord and I’m very thankful that we got the chance to be part of his conversion.

Saturday our Ward went to the temple down in Sato Domingo.  We had two families in the Ward get sealed for time and all eternity!!!  One was our mission leader’s family and the other was the Young Men’s President’s family.   It’s awesome for us because we helped the mission leader to come back to church when I first got here and to get his calling (he is the one to my left in the picture).  
For now I am comps with Elder Castillo.   But we will only serve together until Saturday and then I will get my new companion!  

 Just to let all of you know; I’m very grateful for you and I’m really glad that yall helped me to come on my mission even though I was the best person before.  I know that my experiences that I have been through here will be memories that I will never forget and I owe that all to you!!   

I hope that you have a happy new year!!!! 


Elder Griner
P.S. this is the link to the news article about the flash mob e did a the mall here in Santiago.  Sorry it's in Spanish ...

Baptism day for Victor

Yours truly, James Maxi, Elder Feliz
Nice Christmas TIE!

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