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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Friday, December 21, 2012

AH 16

Close to, Merry Christmas Family!                                                           19 Dec 2012 

ANSWERS:.... yes we have officially changed transfer days which means that I will be coming home  on July 18th. comp goes home on Saturday and we are having the baptisms on Friday ...... I don’t know who my comp will be; I have been staying with the office elders for a couple weeks now so I’ll probably just be in a threesome with them!  

This week we had our Christmas devotional!!!  It was amazing.   President and Sister Douglas treat us almost too well.  We got to the mission office and there was a thanksgiving style dinner prepared that included turkey, gravy, and stuffing!  So we ate and ate!  After dinner we had the devotional and all the missionaries that wanted to got the chance to share the testimonies, and then after we spent for ever practicing for the flash mob singing and dancing at the mall. 

Saturday night we all went to the mall to sing (flash mob style).  We got there at 5:30 and at 6:00 we had arranged to have all of the music turned off in the mall and we started to sing.  We sang from all 3 levels of the building.  There were Elders and Sisters that were going up and down the stairs singing. We sang three Christmas songs and then at the end we sang Feliz Navidad and coordinated it with a dance which was way fun. By the end, all of the people in the mall sang along with us and were amazed to see Mormons doing something fun like that! I don’t have pictures but they are making a video, so when I get it, I will send it to you! 

On Saturday, we had two baptisms, IshaMaria and Moises Saul. Sauls brother Damar was cool enough to baptize them for us!!!  It’s pretty cool because WE honestly met Isha about 3 weeks ago, She was a reference from her aunt . We got to teach her everything and it came very easy and natural for her because she was willing to accept the gospel and willing to be a part of the church. She goes to seminary every morning at 5:00 and was going way before she got baptized. Saul was just ready to get baptized because he always went to church with his brother and has helped his Mom to go as well!  

This Friday we will be having two more baptisms one guys name is Victor and one day I’ll tell you his story and the other is Rafael!  So we’ll see how that goes!!!  I’m excited for them all! 

On Monday I GOT TO GO BACK TO DAJABON AND MONTECRISTI!!!!! Haha.   My comp got permission to go to the market in Dajabon (because he finishes his mission service this Saturday).  So on Monday morning we took the office elder’s truck and headed out!  I got to drive all the way and it was amazing!!

I HOPE YALL HAVE THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVERRRRRRRRRRRR.  To know that God sent his son Jesus Christ to teach us, be an example for us and to ultimately die for us is one of the best gifts that anyone has ever giving me. I really really hope that this year our family will be able to focus on Him and what He did for each and every one of us.  


love you!

misión santiago RD

The picture of the beach is in Montecristi! I’m the one on the right! The Elder to my left is like 6’5”!

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