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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Saturday, December 8, 2012

AH 14

Hello,                                                                                    6 December 2012

So this week was amazing we had a lot of sweet experiences.   

   Experience #1. We had a surprisingly awesome lesson with a family that we are teaching.  His name is Manuel and her name is Gissel, they have a kid that is about two (we went last week with the president). Well we only get to share with them on Mondays.  This Monday we finally invited them to be baptized and they, like every other Dominican said that they have already been baptized in the catholic church but as we explained the restoration and the fact that they could ask God what was the truth they sat in silence. Gissel was amazed at the fact that God himself could answer prayers; her religion was a little sketchy on that subject.  When we asked them to get on their knees and ask God with us they did it.  Honestly, it was the coolest experience that I have ever been through. It might have been a little uncomfortable for them but I know that they felt the spirit and now they also know, and they know what it is to feel an answer from God through the Holy Spirit. 

      Experience #2.  A lady from our ward, that I HAD NEVER SEEN BEFORE, came up to us and told us that she had a reference for us. So we went by her house and she took us to her neighbor’s house. 
There we met the most humble guy in the world. He literally has nothing going for him right now. He is about 50 and his mom decided to take his kids away to New York, and he just lost his wife and just about a month ago. We got to talk to him about the gospel ha and gave him a Book of Mormon and invited him to be baptized!  He accepted, so we asked him when we could go by again and he said.... come by tomorrow at the time. We went back and he had read what we marked in the Book of Mormon - four times, and asked us what he needed to do to follow Christ!
          We put a baptismal date with him for the 22 of December and invited him to church, he said that he would go and that he was going to invite his friend as well!!!!!!! Holy Moly, I’m so excited for him. 

      Experience #3. We were contacting right... and we got into the house of a really really Christian bible basher dude that honestly just needed to hear about our message, but he didn’t want anything to do with it. We tried to explain to him and help him feel and he just didn’t want to hear it.  We knew that the BOM would help him a ton if he would just read it.  So we asked him if we could give him one. But like all of the other things... he didn’t want it.  So he wanted to pray for us.  As he was praying I opened my eyes to see if his were closed and since they were closed, I put a Book of Mormon behind the pillow of his couch. We left and after we walked out the door aways, my companion said to me .... I had to leave a Book of Mormon there for him.... haha my comp had done the same thing that I had. Now I know that this guy might have a hard time finding those two copies of the Book of Mormon, but we were both inspired to do the same thing!  Perhaps something will come of it! Anyway, at least it’s in his house! ha  

   Experience #4.   We are teaching a Haitian and his name is Wolimsky and as most Haitians, he really wants to know more about God and his plan. So on Saturday we taught the plan of salvation to him and up until this point in our relationship with him baptism has always been a really grey area for him.  As we finished teaching about the spirit world, he stop us from talking and said in his broken Spanish... me voy a bautizar... or I’m going to get baptized... it was so legit. So we put a date in January and we'll see how it goes with him!
   Okay I’m done with the experiences but this last week we had two baptisms of some sweet kids that we were teaching, Abel and Christopher. The bishops son baptized them and his little sister. They are kids of members, so it’s good because we are trying to complete families in the ward ! Oh and Rafael is doing well. He just barely left to work in the capital for a week but when he gets back, He’s working toward his baptism date. It’s all good! Ahhh the mission is tight!!
  um about Charlie’s mom! Wow that surprised me.  Even though I don’t look at death like I used to and I don’t know how it feels to lose a parent.  I would say that life is amazing and we all know we can’t be here forever, remember the good, and honor her name and that it must be her time to move on. Just give him a hug for me.
   Elder Sweeny ended his mission just a little bit ago and is now at BYU.
OHHHH yesterday I didn’t write because we were doing service – we helped at the party of a children development center called accion callejera (I have mentioned the place before). It was huge and they shipped in thousands of kids.  We got to organize everything and give out gifts.  As for p-day to relax we went golfing again! haha

I love you all !!!!

misión santiago RD


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