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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

AH 4

Family,                                                                                                         26 September 2012 

Thank you everyone for writing me! ha it feels really good to see all the emails when I log on.  

This week in the mission,  I honestly have really grown in my testimony. As usual in my new assignment, we had an exchange with other missionaries.  I went with Elder Richins from Idaho.  He’s almost finishing his mission.  It was the most spiritual day that I think that I have had in my mission. We were able to teach perfectly, We taught James, the Haitian, that will be baptized this Saturday about the plan of salvation and finished with a kneeling prayer and in his prayer - that he said in his broken Spanish-, he said God.. Please help me know if this church is true and if I should be baptized. It was the simplest prayer, but I know that he felt the Spirit because we sure did. We also taught a guy named Rafael that lives with his son.  At first he wasn’t really into the lesson and didn’t want to listen very much, but as we got talking about the gospel and how it could bless his life and what he needs to do to change he started to pay attention. We started teaching about the doctrine of Christ and he honestly could not take his eyes off of Elder Richins when he was talking because he was so interested. At the end of the lesson I got to invite him to be baptized.  Without hesitation he said.... of course!  It was the simplest thing and it just helps me know that the Lord really does prepare people to hear from us and this really is His work and no one can stop it.  Even though it was our first time talking with Rafael the gospel seemed so familiar to him that he accepted it freely.

My mission has taken a complete change from what it was. I now understand why I am here and what I am doing. I understand now that everything that I do and that happens is for an eternal propose and will have eternal consequences or blessings.

I am in a country that gets more corrupt every day; meeting people that have never heard the word respect, seeing people without morals trying to live together - but it doesn’t work.

I hit a point this last week where I kind of couldn’t take it anymore. I mean I come from a place that is perfect –well…- , but I realized that the gospel is the only thing that will EVER be able to fix everything that is going on in the world........we have a lot of work to do ......... ha .

If everyone understood how small we really are and how important this time here on earth is and how little of time we have. Ha.  In one of our lesson we had the ward mission leader with us and he gave an example that the time in the life is comparable to an ant in a football stadium.  It’s honestly nothing compared to eternity.  But the thing is that our progression in eternity depends a lot on what we have done here on the earth. Ha. 

I wish I could just help more people understand the gospel and life for that reason. 

I am so grateful to be a missionary of the Lord; to absolutely separate myself from the world for two years and help others understand what I have come to understand. I am also so grateful to have a family that loves me and that has the same beliefs as I do. Being able to say how much my family and I have been blessed by the gospel is one of my favorite things to do while we are teaching.  It always makes others wonder if they could have that to. And they can!!!  That is the great part about the gospel is that anyone can have it if they want it (Alma 42:27). 

Wow, I love all of you and I love the plan that God has given us.  It is perfect and I hope yall know it .

See ya when I do! ha


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