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Alma 42:27

Friday, September 7, 2012

AH 1

HELLO 5 Sept 2012

Welp my new area is ... really big with a lot of rich people and building with four levels in them ha. It’s like having skyscrapers capered to the rural Dajabon. It’s really rough to get into houses because every house has three huge fences before you can get to the door and you have to buzz most of the time to talk to anyone. So it’s a lot different than Dajabon where everyone is more accessible, haha
All of the Elders in my zone are really cool. There are four or five Americans that are pretty much new in the mission, a couple from Peru, lots of Dominicans, four Mexicans, two from Honduras and... yeah haha, a whole bunch of missionaries. We had our meeting with the district leaders on Saturday and we focused on getting the members included and involved in the work so that investigator will have friends. I talked a lot about diligence, and the fact that we need to work even when no one tells us to. One thing that has really changed my outlook of the mission is being able to see what the other Elders are really doing. We take numbers every Sunday and this Sunday I did it, and to see the numbers that the guys are having is kind of sad. Haha. My whole mission I have tried to meet and teach as many people as I could, but I can tell that there are a lot who that don’t do that . But we'll see what we can do to help!

My comp is really cool but works in a really different way than I do, but with time we'll get it together. When I got to the area there wasn’t really anyone to teach because the missionary that was here before me was leaving and didn’t want to do much, I guess. So we have been trying to find people and trying to get to know a lot. We meet tons of Haitians that are here to study and the barely speak Spanish, so I am putting myself to learn Creole so I can talk to them, ha! I did learn a little from Elder Alexis who is Haitian, when I was with him back in El Ejido.

We had a cool experience the other day when we were contacting. A guy came up to us that speaks English. He was a little drunk but had a lot of questions. He told us that he had visited a lot of churches but didn’t believe in religion. He said “I’m confused and need to know more." He wanted to know why Christ died for us, so I explained to him why. He also wanted to know what faith was, so my comp explained it, and after about three more questions he just stood there with a sad look on his face , and we asked if we could pass by his house another day and talk more about our message and he said of course. It’s not that great of a story but I feel good to know that we are helping people that are "confused”and don’t know where to turn. Through the gospel, we can answer so many questions. The answers that we take for granted and for common knowledge is new truth and light to so many!

So remember when I came to the Dominican Republic 3 years ago to play baseball, right..... ? Well, this week we did an exchange with one of the district leaders in his area. When we turned the corner on a certain street, just a little bit down the road from his house, I had déjà vu. I was in the exact place, at the exact time, doing the same thing that I was doing with the missionaries when I went on exchange with them three years ago. We went to the same house and I remembered the guy we talked to. We went to the same little store.... it was so weird! But way cool to have had that chance to play ball here and to go out with the missionaries to boot! haha. Oh, the good old days! This maybe late, but thanks for making it possible to have that experience

Our new mission president, like you said dad is a ton different than President Lee. President Douglas is really laid back and still feeling things out, I guess you could say. But he dove right in and is already helping the branches and wards a lot. To be a mission president you get to deal with the church organization within the mission area along with the missionaries. He is really humble, talks in a soft voice, and is really lovable with all the people that he meets. His wife is the funniest lady ever. But, her Spanish kills me sometimes. Haha! She’s learning and trying really hard, so kudos to her! I know that he will be able to make a big difference here with the church organization, because he knows how the church can grow and how it is supposed to function.

Thank you for all of your support, love, and your help to get me to serve a mission. I’m really glad I’m here.

Love you,


mision santiago RD

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