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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Sunday, September 16, 2012

AH 2

OLA.. ha                                                                   12 Sep 2012 

First off, thanks so much for your support in all that I’m doing. I know that I couldn’t do it without you guys. Mom and Dad I know that you are sacrificing a ton to pay for all of this and for that i am so grateful.  

Another week has passed here in Santiago. This week was good, we had our first meeting with all of the zone leaders and the President to talk about what the mission needs.  We also we had our first zone meeting for this transfer. The people of Santiago have been recently blessed in their church efforts.  The church just barely put in a new institute building and it is gorgeous. The new office of the mission is on the second floor and on the first floor there are classes, ping pong table, a kitchen, and more offices.  It is beautiful and our house is right next to it! 
NOTE: the new mission address where you send me packages is: (Christmas is just around the corner) haha      (Dad’s note: this new address is on Matt’s blog)

Elder Griner
Avenida Estrella Sadhalla
#10  2do Piso
Frente a Universidad UTESA
Santiago, Republica Dominicana

We have been talking a lot about less active members in our meeting.  In past years missionaries have been baptizing a lot and perhaps the structure was not there to support, so not many have stayed active.  Presidente Douglas really wants us to go out and find the less actives and bring them back. So, in all of our meetings we have talked about that.

I conducted our zone meeting and had a lot of fun doing it. I got to talk about "work" ha and how we need to forget about ourselves and get to work. I shared many thoughts about our planning time and how planning relates to football; a real game with a game plan compared with back yard football where everyone runs where there want. It was fun and I think everyone understood. I shared 3 Nephi 5:13 to finish which is the scripture of our mission and it went really well.

We did an exchange with 2 other elders this Monday and I was with elder Zaldivar from Honduras. We had a good time. One of our lessons was amazing, we were able to share with one of the investigators (that has a baptismal date) about “the restoration” and the Book of Mormon.  This lady understood more clearly than anyone else has in my mission. ha I was so happy I wanted to cry . After that, we had the chance to have a family home evening with a Haitian that just got baptized not too long ago. We got to his house and sat down with him and his sister, we sang and had a pray, then one by one about 6 of his cousins came into the room and we had the best FHE ever! Haha.   I really need to learn more Creole, I only know a little bit

Honestly, I would invite all of you to get involved with the missionaries or finding less active members.  I know that Utah has a lot of members, but there are still a lot of people that are out there that need your help!

Family I love you so much . I think about you all of the time. I miss you a ton and hope you know that no matter what happens, it all happens for a reason. The Lord is watching over our family and he knows our needs. My wish is that we can all one day be together with him.

bye bye ! ha

Elder Griner

Mision Santiago RD

Today we played basketball with two zones.  It’s kind of like church ball where one or two kids can play and the others are just .ehh.... ha . But over all we had a way good time.


The lesson with the Haitians
An activity that we had in the street, we watched a movie from a projector – old school!

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