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Alma 42:27

Friday, August 24, 2012

D 22

Hey family!                                                                                                       Aug 15, 2012

Oh so I guess I’m an uncle!!!!!!!!
BUT WHERE ARE THE PICTURES. yall know that this only happens once in a life time, ya need to take pictures!!!!!! 

But anyway things here are finally picking up. And we are finally having success.  we have found a lot of people that are actually interested and that are acting and want to come to church and want to read and that are praying to find out that the message we share is true. 

We are teaching Vladimir and Yesaina, they are brother and sister that live with their grandparents. She is 18 and he is 17. They came to church on Sunday and it was the coolest thing because they found 4 members that are their friends and the priest that gave a talk thanked them both for coming, in his talk. As we were talking to them after church to put a cita (make an appointment) they told us to come whenever but not to worry because they’ll always come to church ha . 

Another cool thing that happened was that this random guy showed up to church and sat down in elder’s quorum like it was nothing and started answering every question. We got talking to him and found out that he was just visiting to see how the church was. He has read the bible all the way through and he found out that the Catholic Church wasn’t true for him so he wanted to try out our church. Yesterday, we got the chance to visit him. We had the best lesson that I’ve had in my mission. He understood everything because he knows what happen with the church after Christ’s death. It was amazing to see him as we explained the restoration; it was like a puzzle piece completing the puzzle, like something just clicked. When we got done explaining all he said was WOW....hah then he asked us if he could have a Book of Mormon.  We are visiting him on Saturday and I really hope that the Lord will help him to progress.

One thing that we have been practicing as a district, is teaching the members to teach with us. So what we do is every day before we leave we have a lesson with a member and we practice with them. We did that with the kid that is the picture, his name is Marcelino, and we had a perfect lesson. The investigators name is Natalie and she had written about 4 questions for us to answer which means she was interested.  We were able to answer every single question she had. I know it’s because of the practices that we have done with Marcelino, our study and the influence of the Holy Spirit. ! So it’s fun to see things working.   Just like in all of the sports I’ve been involved in, you got to put in the time, practice correctly, do the fundamentals, put in extra effort and believe in yourself and abilities – kind of like you got to work to get paid!

We also had the chance to go and put in a floor to a bathroom that a member is making. So we went and mixed concrete and poured it and smoothed it out for the floor. So don’t worry when I get back if ya need any concrete work done, I’ve been prepared in the mission. hahah. No!  But it was fun and I had a good time. 

Today we got the chance to go to Manzanillo to the beach for pday. We had to hitch hike to get there, it was great fun ha.
HOPE THAT OLIVIA AND STACI ARE FINE: don’t really know anything that’s going on, but I hope all is well and I’m excited to be an uncle. Love ya lots


mision santiago

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