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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

D 21

Well hello                                                                       8 AUG 2012

We had a really good week but a couple of things scared me. hahah . 

First off we are getting everyone to church now haha. We had three investigators in church and it was awesome because church went so well for the first time. The teachers showed upon time and they had the class prepared well, the bishop was there on time haha and it was fast and testimony sacrament meeting so everyone got a chance to share. It’s way nice to see the ward or branch functioning well finally! As missionaries, we called a ward council meeting and invited everyone that had a calling. We sat everyone down and I shared a part of the importance of having a mission leader because we didn’t have one. My comp shared about the activities and how we could make them a better missionary tool, Elder Timothy shared about the ward working with the missionaries and Elder Grover shared about the organizations and how they should work. We put goals, they committed to work and we are seeing the results and hopefully they will keep improving as time goes on. 

I lead the District meeting on Monday and it went well . We are really focusing on references from the ward members right now, and just as i said in my last email, references are the best things for missionaries.  And in our ward in Dajabon there are a lot of people that are members but they are the only one in their family. So what I focused on is that the Lord in preparing people, and it makes more sense to me that the people that are being prepared are the ones that are around the members the most. Of course we can go knock doors and hope to find someone that have been blessed in that specific moment. But I have found that the Lord likes it when we think and use our brains to work more efficiently and effectively. So we talked a lot about how we can get more families in the ward and we practiced how we were going to ask for references and it went well!

 One of the references that we are working with , Juan Luis , did something that  really made my comp and I happy. We were walking over close to his house and we stopped to talk to a member that lives nearby.  We didn’t have him scheduled to teach that night but he saw us, went and grabbed his Book of Mormon and came and asked us if we were going to share ! haha it was awesome. So, we got to find out who Jesus Christ is for him and he didn’t really have an answer.  But when we left after sharing a ton of scriptures mainly in Alma 7 11 _ 13, he realized the importance and what Christ has done for us.

 As you see in the pictures we did service yesterday morning.  We had to help dig a ditch for a PVC pipe to filter out water from the house and also dug four post holes to put the kitchen in the back of the house.  It was fun but I got so so tired and my comp was dead ha . 

Oh, the thing that scared me this week was we have a dog following us everywhere we go and a guy that I swear is out to kill us.  We were walking out of our house one morning and a guy stopped us on his motorcycle.  He asked us if we were happy and we said yes... ha and then asked us when were leaving because we don’t have anything to do here. That was kind of weird, but, we talked to him a little bit and found out that he is a pastor in the Iglesia Evangelica and sees us all the time and thinks that we worship Joseph Smith and that the BOM is false. So, after talking with him for a while, he left. Later that night we walked past his church to go and visit someone and I don’t know if he saw us or what but five minutes later when we were talking to this lady, he came up and interrupted us and began to tell her to be careful and to not accept our message. haha Wow. it was creepy, but its okay.

 I know that what I am doing is right and that the gospel is true and the church is perfect and the only way I know it is from prayer and reading the Book of Mormon. So I hope that everyone could also have that chance to find out like I did! Its good to know.I love all of you !


mision santiago

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