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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Sunday, July 22, 2012

D 18

Well what’s up?!                                                             18 July 2012

So you got my shoes that I bought here in Dajabon haha. I didn’t put a note in it, I was just working fast trying to get it sent. I bought shoes for Olivia that are in there and the rest of them  ya’ll can use but I want to have them when I get back and I couldn’t keep them all here.. 

This week I have had a good time. We found out yesterday that my comp and I are going to be together again in Dajabon. It will be my 4th transfer here and my 3rd with him which rarely ever happens in the mission.  So I will hit a year in the mission with 2 areas and 5 comps. Pretty weird but I’m cool with it. The only bad thing is that August is the hottest month in the Dominican and Dajabon is the hottest place in the Dominican! ha so it’ll be fun. 

We had our investigators at church this week and it made us so happy. They are a young couple with a brand new baby. We have been able to teach them a lot and they feel like they need to change and the Lord is the one to help with that, and we´re here as his hands. Her name is Ingrid and his name is José. 

Also la hermana Arelis and her son Franny got baptized this week and we got to play a little part in their baptism. During the baptism, we four missionaries sang mas cerca dios de ti (Nearer my God to Thee). It was awesome.  We sang the first two verses and had everybody finish with the third. It was a very spiritual moment that I will never forget. 

 We got to meet our new Mission President, President Douglas.  He is a very humble guy that I think is going to help us a lot in the mission. It’s a lot different because Presidente Lee was really loud and outgoing whereas President Douglas is really quite. It will all be good.

With my comp I really want to help people in our area to come to Christ.  And because he is a new missionary he wants to get a lot done and convert the world, just as I do. I know that as we are doing our best and doing what we should the Lord will provide and help us find the people that he has prepared.

Staci don’t pop to soon!  And Dad I have no idea what or who is POK ha . But thank you for the letter. I had a good time reading it and I hope that I will be able to put it into my life. It was cool to see Danny Ainge’s and Travis Hansen’s spin on serving a mission and sports and the things that a mission helps you become to make me better at whatever I choose to purse afterwards. The mission really is a training field and I am very grateful for the chance I get to be here!

I love you all and can’t wait to hear from you again. 

Elder Griner
Dominican Republic, Santiago Mission

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