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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Sunday, July 1, 2012

D 15

Hey Fam!                                                                                     Jun 27, 2012
sooo....  This week was really cool.
I am starting to realize the change that the gospel makes in the life of a person, especially when it is in my own life. I have come to know throughout my mission that the gospel is true and I have received my testimony through the Book of Mormon, I can’t say that I have had a sweet praying experience where God smacked me in the face and told me it was true.  I simply know because I have felt it through reading, pondering, and acting on the principles taught in the Book of Mormon. This week I have been reading a lot,( I’m starting the BOM for the fourth time in my mission) and every night when I read, I find an answer for an investigator or for myself and to me that is where my testimony comes from!
So, they put me as district leader again (and I am still a trainer also) and I was thinking this week how I could do to help our district achieve more and have a Christ-centered desire to work. So in our meeting I talked about agency and how people here have the chance to accept the gospel or no, but that there are also people that are being prepared (Alma 13). We then made goals as a district and we are teaching 20 lessons with members per week and 10 without members, and we put a goal of 35 lessons per week.  Along with that we are working with the menos actives (less active). So, adelante con fe! (go forward with faith) We will see what we can do this week haha .
We have been working really hard to find new people and new families, so in our studies we made a plan for the first lesson we teach. Each first lesson, we can’t leave until they have a Book of Mormon and have been invited to be baptized. That way we can find the people that are going to progress. And as hard work pays off, we have found two couples and one guy named Santos that is 25 and we are now progressing with them towards baptism.
Yesterday I was so, so frustrated, because we had planned to leave with a kid named Rubin that is 19 and getting ready to go on his mission.  He didn’t show up and for some reason I was ticked ha (the best laid plans of mice and men…), so we called every other member we could think of, and either they didn’t pick up the phone or they couldn’t leave with us. So we went to work by ourselves and at about 5:30 in the afternoon I got a call, but we were in a lesson so I couldn’t answer it. After the lesson I called back and the member, don Carlin, he said "what’s up?  I got your call.  Yall need help"? ... It was honestly the smallest thing but it made a world of difference for us.  Because, now with him we were able to get to and teach the people we had planned for, and everything went well. I know the Lord had his hand in there somewhere. ha
And at the end of a hard week we had our payday (pday) and we got to have fun at the beach and hiked a mountain in Monte Cristi near El Morro in a state park! Ha  
You asked about the heat here in Dajabon - honestly, I’m burning up! haha It’s seems as hot as Scottsdale but add humidity!  But I always remember what you said to me about when I got off of the plane here in the Dominican Republic; that this is my home for the next two years, so get used to it!   And I have come to love it !!!   But still, it’s way too hot. haha
The Lord loves us, the gospel is, was, and always will be true and ... I know it.


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