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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Friday, July 6, 2012

D 16

Feliz cuarto de Julio  (Happy 4th of July)

I hope that everyone is having a great day! and it sounds like the parade was fun ! Did you go to the stadium of fire and do you have a lot of fireworks!

We had a party today in our house with the other missionaries of Dajabon and it was fun. We invited them over and made Dominican hot dogs and watched the testaments. We had a good time and took advantage of our Pday. 

  This week went really slow but I had a good time. We have an investigator named Cesar that is really really cool. We had a lesson with him that I’ll never forget. We were talking about what he needs to do to be in the church and so we talked about marriage, drinking and all of that stuff.  He knows that his live-in girl friend doesn’t want to get married and he understands that he needs to get married or he can’t be baptized.  He said. I just wish my live-in could feel the things that I am feeling. It was a way cool moment because now we know that he will fight to progress ! ha

We also got a call from a number that we didn’t recognized, and so we answered but the person hung up. So we called back but nobody answered. Then we got a text that said, hi my name is Elisa and I know that you are missionaries of God so I want you to pray for me because I’m sick and I need your help! We tried to call her and call her but she wouldn’t answer. Honestly that was the weirdest, but coolest experience ever.

I planned an intercambio (exchange) with the other Elders in my district.  I went to the other side of the city with Elder Grover. We worked so hard it was way fun. We taught a returned missionary that is so depressed because when he got off of his mission his girl friend dumped him! hahah but, we shared our testimonies and some thoughts and then he came with us to visit -  so we helped him a little bit!  Service for/to someone else is always an antidote for self pity, mopping around, and depression.

We also had a baptism in the ward her name is Mota . She is the nicest lady ever and has had a long time with the missionaries.  She finally got baptized and confirmed and it was fun to see her this weekend.  I know that she will always be active in the church because she has a grounded and form testimony and she has a lot of help!

Sitting in sacrament meeting on Sunday listening to the testimonies was one of the most spiritual days that I have had in the mission.  Yefry (el cangry) is leaving on his mission on the 25th, so it was his last time to share his testimony but, when he got up he just started crying and couldn’t talk. So he sat back down. I went up and bore my testimony and after that, he built up the courage to do it .

The president of the branch also shared his testimony and he said something that I really liked. he said ¨it doesn’t matter how many times you have fallen, what matters is that you get up and never fall again¨ 

Love yall and hope the best!!!!! 

mision santiago.

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