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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Saturday, March 3, 2012

EE 23

Saludos a todos!  (Greetings everyone)                                                                            02/29/2012
Una semana bien llena de actividades , bautismos ,conferencias y comiendo!! ( A week full of activities, baptisms, conferences, and food!!)

This week has been awesome and full of things to do.   Saturday was a busy yet fulfilling day for our ward – Temple, baptism , and party - All of the ward went to the temple during the day and they even took one of our investigators with them!! haha Upon their return to the church building in the bus from the temple in Santo Domingo, we had everything ready and waiting for the baptism. So when they got off the bus we helped everyone with their stuff and then they came into the church for the baptism.  The font was full and the baptismal candidates were really excited to be baptized; it was a great feeling. 

I got to baptize them and it was way fun.  Isaac felt weightless in the water I felt like I almost threw him in the water and pulled him out like he was nothing.  During the testimony time we had some kids from the primary give some talks and bear testimony.  It was way fun.

After the baptism Hermana Belkis invited us over to her house and while there she had a cake for my birthday! ha  I love her she is like my mom here in El Ejido.  So we had a little party there with that family and then on Sunday we were invited over to another family’s home to have lunch after church and we had potatoes and they were amazing! But it was soon ruined when she gave me carrot cake and I had to eat it. .... ha  - no confetti cake here!

We finished all of the walls on Romy's house finally.  Now he can live in it a little bit easier and it’s a lot bigger as well. We spent the morning on Monday working on his house and then we went over to the church to our activity that we planned for the ward! There was a pool for the kids and volleyball and basketball for everyone else. Also, they played dominos and we had hot dogs on a stick and after we had spaghetti.  The activity  honestly lasted from 3 in the afternoon hasta (until) 9:30 at night!!!  It was  awesome.  After we ate, we all sat down in the chapel and our lider misional (ward mission leader) invited a few people to portray a family and have a mini FHE.  It went over well and set a good example for the members to do their noche de hogars (family home evenings).

We found out that our office Elder, Elder Hale, went home this week.  He’s suffering from loss of memory,  I guess, which stinks.  I hope that doesn’t happen to me.... ha

but yeah, this week was awesome and now we get to do it over again because Elder Ruiz va a cumplir (birthday is) on Friday. So we are about done with birthdays just as yall are. !!!! 

 I love all of you and wish and hope the best !!! 


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