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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Sunday, March 25, 2012

D 2

Hey Family!                                                        3/21/2012

Wow, have some questions !! hahaha but here I go . (Matt’s dad played 20 questions and only got an answer to half of them …)

No shock really just more participation in the meetings.  I still haven’t been able to have a district meeting.  The area is awesome.  Dajabon is a really small town, just like a place where mom wants to live.

We always have electricity but only have water for 2 hours in the morning and that’s during our study time. So, it’s kinda hard to get the right focus in the morning while trying to fill up the buckets and gallon jugs to store enough up for the day and then clean everything from the day before and then get in the right frame of mind to study etc. but it works, just something to get used to.

I am sitting in the one of two internet centers in the town,

We buy everything we need for the week on p-day and we cook everyday in the house for lunch and dinner but I usually don’t eat dinner or we eat somewhere else.  Elder Ruiz, my old comp taught me how to cook almost everything Dominican style and its pretty great.

We meet in a chapel that has been here forever.  It is really close to the baseball field on the north end of town.  We are in a branch not a ward; even though more than half of the city has been baptized at sometime in the past. Haha.  We have about 50 active members.

I don’t know my address.  We live on the east side of the big big school in Dajabon on a way way long road on the other side of the city from the bridge

For Elder Ryan Francom - Elder Van Tussenbrook is like my best friend in the mission. hahah he was in my zone just for the last transfer and he is one of the coolest kids ever! haha

Yes the Haitian/Domincan market is the most famous thing here. I went Friday and Monday!!! I literally spent 5 US dollars and got a tie, three t shirts, a mirror, and hangers.

But, wow this week has been really humbling and really quite strange. I had like 4 times when we were in lessons that I felt like I was in a dream, and that I really wasn’t saying what I was saying and doing what I was doing, kind of a weird feeling but it just didn’t feel like I was there- someone helping me out.

Apart from the weirdness, we have contacted about half of the city now (yes, it’s that small) and wow have I learned how to do house contacts!  In my old area we hardly ever did house contacting.  So it is strange getting used to this type of contacting, but so great to find how friendly and accepting the people are around here.  Every door gets opened and we get to share the gospel with almost everyone. The members here are great and we always always have a member with us to help. The spirit is working way strong in this area.

On Sunday about 9 people from Dajabon died in a wreck on their way back from Santiago. The city canceled the carnival because of it.  butTTTTTTTTTTTT that whole day as we contacted we found out that everyone had a neighbor, friends, or family member that died in that wreck. I felt terrible for them, but it was awesome for us as missionaries as we had the opportunity to share our Saviors great plan of Salvation. We had the opportunity to share our testimony with about 10 family members that we KNOW that their family members who passed on are going right back to the God that gave them life and that they will be just fine. It was one of the most quite/sublime days I have ever experienced in my life, but one of the most powerful, spiritual experiences that I’ve had in my mission as well.

Also, we did a service project in Monte Cristi which is a city north of us and right next to the beach.  I’ll be going there shortly for meetings and work... but the service project involved clearing out weeds for the new house that the church there is going to meet in. They gave me a machete and I went to work. ha and let’s just say that I’m glad to have a weed whacker!! The service project went well and I ended up paying a kid to climb a coconut tree to knock down the cocos for us to drink haha .

FAMILY I love you and can’t believe Staci is pregnant. I’m so excited for her. haha


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