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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Friday, March 30, 2012


Hola hola . buenas freaking tarde.!!!!  (Hello, hello, good afternoon)`

This week has been really fun and I’m way excited for conference to come because we get to hear from the people that we are constantly testifying about!

We have invited almost the whole world to come to church and watch.  We are finding out that most of the people are just confused about what it is because they don’t quite yet know what a prophet is (we have a lot of work to do – that’s what I'm here for, no? ) haha but it’s okay I’m still way way excited! 

We had a cool experience the other day with a guy that we contacted his name is Javier, he’s a really humble 40 year old guy.  He and his family have heard from the missionaries before but never really progressed.  We got to teach him a little about the Book of Mormon.  I know that it doesn’t sound like anything special, but all we did was explain what we thought about the Book and how it has blessed our lives.  We didn’t have to go into a lot of detail or explain much about it or anything else; just our testimony. Without hesitation he accepted the Book and promised to read it and also to come to church because of the way he felt in that moment.  Small things really are huge in the mission.  We never know how a person is going to feel. We could be feeling and thinking a totally different feeling than they are but what we know is that the Spirit will always be there; for them, to let them hear and feel what is important at that moment; for us to help guide our thoughts and what we say. That is amazing. By simple things, great things are brought to pass…  As I am out on my mission longer,  I’m finding out that simple truths and testimonies delivered by us through the Spirit are many times more effective than long winded explanations and trying to prove it all at once; especially to those who are willing or prepared to hear and act.

This Sunday was alright! El Obisbo o Presidente de la Rama aqui (The Bishop or Branch President here) called two semi-active ladies to give talks in Sacrament meeting.  He’ is working with them and trying to help them in their process to get reactivated.  Pues, (well) they didn’t show up.  So he came up to us as we walked in the door and asked us to give talks!  Of course we accepted and went along with it fine and gave our talks.  It was all good!  For the first time I didn’t get nervous to talk.  I didn’t worry about what I was going to say, nor if my Spanish was good enough.  I was able to go into the scriptures and find what  I was prompted to share haha thank goodness for personal and companionship study! So overall it was great. 

DAD you’re the man!  Thank you for the ideas of how to conduct meetings. I used a little of one of your examples.  I really liked el deseo a sevir y las familias (desire to serve and the family).  In our meeting on Tuesday, I used both of these things and connected them with the doctrine of Christ; because we can’t help families here without a desire to get out and work and hopefully they will accept the example of Christ and want to better their lives. The meeting went a lot better then I expected for the 1st district meeting that I was in charge of - tender mercies again!  We, as four missionaries in this district are going to work .... ha 

Um..  My comp asked me to ask yall if you could send a Rubik’s cube for him and he will pay because they don’t have anything original here and he wants to learn. Also if yall could send an SD card for the camera that would be awesome!!  They are way expensive here. Actually, I don’t think they sell them here in Dajabon. haha

Anyway I love you and so does our Heavenly Father.


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