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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

AH 11

Hello dear family and friends,                                                               14 November 2012 

When it all comes down to it, and after thinking about all of what’s gone on and what is to come, MY mission is awesome!   Even when we have a sad week or a slow week, the Lord is always there to help us, he NEVER forgets about us. 

On Sunday we had a guy show up to church that I didn’t know. We came to find out that a member had invited him to come to church.  So with that member we went to his house for a visit. We got to meet him and learned a few fun things about him.  His name is Rafael, and he is a shoemaker.  He was born with a problem in his arms (they’re just a little short).  He is awesome.  We got to share a message with him and I asked him why he came to the church and what he had heard about it. He told me that he was invited but that he went because he knows that’s where he needs to be.  That he is finally ready to be baptized into Christ’s church and that he had wasted too much time looking for what he didn’t need.  He knew where he needed to be all of the time. He came to church again on Sunday with a suit on! He wanted to put his name on the list to leave with us that we pass around in elders quorum, he also brought his copy o f the Book of Mormon with him (also his jehovas witness bible :S we'll fix that) and an excitement to learn that was tangible.  We went back to his house last night and put a baptismal date for him in December, and as I asked him he said of course... I’m ready!   

 I’m pretty sure that the Lord was and is blessing us and our ward.   Throughout my whole mission I have never really understood the power of prayer until this last week.  I have always prayed for me and my family, what I want and need and maybe I would put a little bit about the investigators and other things in there, but I have absolutely stopped asking for me and I have changed my outlook to focus on giving thanks to the Lord for what he has done through me for other people. 

I know that he could do this work by himself, but He puts teenagers here for Him so they can learn and through them he can send His Spirit to inspire and help others!  As I have focused on really trying to help others I know God has considered my prayers!  Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers.   

All of the missionaries in Santiago gathered to clean a children’s center that’s called Accion callejera , it just basically gets kids off of the street when their parents have left them out to dry.  The organization helps them get into school and onto a better life.  So imagine 80 missionaries with machetes, mops and brooms cleaning a three story building!  ha it was fun but way way dirty! 

 But nada, this mission is tight and like I’ve always said... I’m glad I’m here! :) Everyone should do this! 

Love yall, say your prayers read your scriptures and trust in the lord because HE MADE YOU!  


Elder Griner
P.S. oh for christmas i dont need need much just a pair of nikes that i have in the house, a couple bags of m&ms and like 5 good baseballs. oh and a family picture!~
please and thank you santa ha
The sticker reads " look to Christ not at your circumstances"

Arroyo Hondo Zone - baseball p-day

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