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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Thursday, November 8, 2012

AH 10

Hello family and friends!                                                         2012.11.07

The Santiago mission is absolutely changing and its way cool.

This week we had our zone leaders counsel meeting with Elder Cornish of the area Seventy. He’s a former mission President of this mission from back around 2003-06 or something and I guess he lives here now.  He shared that the mission will expand greatly in the next 3 to 4 months. 100 more missionaries will be coming to our mission, and that almost all of the missionaries that are in the mission will be training.

Training will be a lot different now, because the new missionaries that are coming in will only spend 6 weeks in the MTC instead of 9 :S ha . I am really excited for it because I have really been wanting to train again! 

We went through a bit of a disappointment this week and I know that I’m not supposed to write about bad things or anything like it but I got to ha. One of the families that I have been writing about is no longer meeting with us.  Sorry to say it but it sucks so bad. We have been teaching them so much and they where understanding and had FELT that what we were sharing was true.  Last  Thursday we went by their house around 8 o’clock and knocked on the door.  La dueña
(the lady of the house)  came out, and it was weird because she was dressed really immodestly when usually she doesn’t, but before we got to say hi she said, we can’t keep having charlas (discussions) with you guys....  and my heart dropped!! My comp went on to ask her why not and then testified to her that she had felt that our message was true and that we did all we could and that we would always be around if she ever wanted us to come by again.

My comp and I went through that whole day wondering what went wrong, and we couldn’t come to a conclusion. Then that night I reread something in Preach My Gospel (PMG) that helped me a ton.  The first chapter talks about teaching with the Spirit;  it says that we will teach with the Spirit and they will feel by the Spirit.  Everyone has their agency.  The best we can do is help them to feel and hope that they act.  Reading that, and understanding agency gave me a better perspective.  I know that we did what we were supposed to and maybe in the future they will figure things out!

My comp and I were thinking about what we could do with the zone to help them have a better time in their missions.  We decided to put a goal to read PMG in 30 days, because as the missionaries read and learn what they should be doing they will be able to know and act how they should. Everyone does better when the know the whole playbook, not just parts of it!  Even though I might not be the best missionary, I definitely know how to handle situations and overcome trials because of what I have learned in the past and what I’ve been taught. There are a lot of missionaries that haven’t been through the same things that I have, but I know that preach my gospel and the scriptures have got me to this point as a missionary and I only want that for other missionaries too!!

Welp, I love every single one of you! I still think its crazy that everyone is having babies and moving out into their own houses, it just doesn’t seem right hah. I can still remember, and I think a lot about when we were young playing baseball and softball.....good times lived, hahah.

I learned this week from a general authority that we have been given the name Elder for two years and that means that I am called to testify of Christ in all that I do.  I really hope that ya'll share the gospel that we have with everyone ya meet, because it’s really important! But you know that ha!   Thanks for your example.

love ya

mision santiago RD

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