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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Thursday, June 21, 2012

D 14

What’s up!!                                                                  20 June 2012

Yeah, I got the camera!! Thank you for helping me out. I bought a Sony cyber shot, a little red thing ha, because they didn’t have much of a variety. It ended up costing me about 155 dollars so i don’t think it  was too bad. It is only 14.1 mega pixels and only has a 4X zoom but its durable and works for what I am doing . So thank you! And yes I buy things for tons of missionaries because everything is so so cheap here and then send stuff with the ZL’s to get back to other parts of the mission.. And the shoes were less than thirty bucks I bought them for 12. Ha I LOVE THIS PLACE. 

But this week we had the chance to do a lot of things. We talked to our neighbor and even though they aren’t very interested in our message they still let us serve them, so we went over and painted her kitchen and her ceiling and had a good time doing it. We borrowed the ladder from the church and got everything done in two mornings of work.

We have an investigator that is doing really good right now. His name is Faustino, we met him the other week and he has progressed really fast. He accepted a date to be baptized and will be working with his girl friend to get married. We passed by his house one day and saw him outside sitting on his porch, he said hi to us and then from out of now where he showed us his Book of Mormon and what he was reading. I really hope that he can get his answer from the Lord to stay strong and stay with us. Because we have had some trouble these past few weeks getting people to progress, I guess it just means that we need to change a couple of things! :)

We also had an intercambio (dont know what it’s called in English – a trade off ) on Monday with the zone leaders and i was with elder Cordero he is from Santo Domingo and is an awesome missionary.  I look up to him a lot. We worked so freaking hard and visited so many people in one day it was crazy. He taught me how to work effectively and to understand if someone is going to progress or not. He works magic ha it was fun.  

We passed by a house and outside there was a lady washing coolers so we stopped and helped her and as the sun went down the mosquitoes came up and ate us to death.  Dajabon is known for the mosquitoes. i couldn’t believe how many there were it was like our back yard times ten!

So this week has been fun full of service and learning what the Lord wants for us here in Dajabon. i love the gospel and I’m really grateful for it and to know that I am a child of God, they say that a lot in primary but I’m just realizing it now hahahaha . 

mision santiago! 

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