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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Thursday, June 21, 2012

D 12

Hello !!!!                                                                        6 June 2012

Today is the end of the first transfer with my child ( new greenie companion). My kid is no longer new in the mission and we are working to help other people here in Dajabon. I really have come to love this area because it is so relaxed. Everyone knows everyone and the people are way to kind. Even though it feels like everyone has either heard from the missionaries before or been baptized there is still a ton to do.

We are always being told that people are being prepared for our time, right now. Maybe a missionary passed by a house and the people there didn’t accept them at that moment because they weren’t ready, but everyone has their time. 

I truly believe that, because we have an investigator named Yohanni, and she has been progressing for a while now but we haven’t been able to get her baptized because she can only come to church when someone is at her house to take care of her mom. But she has been perfect since the day that we met her. I know that the Lord prepared her to receive us because she’s not from here and she has only been here for a year and was going to leave, but she stayed and because of that we got to meet her. She has never had problems, but the other day we got the chance to talk to her, and after we had talked about prophets, she stopped me and started telling me about a boyfriend that she has (because her husband died a while ago) but that he is always drunk and only wants to be with her when he is drinking. She expressed a lot of feelings with us, so my comp and I played doctor Phil with her and helped her with her doubts. It honestly reminded me of high school drama but I had a good time with it and hope that we were able to help her.. 

Sometimes we get really discouraged here because some people don’t want to read or just can’t read so they don’t progress. And I thought that it was going to be like that forever but on Friday we visited a guy named Faustino and had not expected that he had done anything, but we got to his house and he had read about 10 pages of the Book of Mormon and had tons of questions and wanted us to come back . It made us happy because we had been reassured that if we are doing our job and inviting people to act , there are going to be some that actually do it . 
haha I was reading in English today and I got so so frustrated because I didn’t understand anything, well okay I understood but it was way hard . So I guess I’ll just stick to Spanish for now ..and forever.

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACI sorry its late. BYE BYE LINDSAY have fun . and


BTW its so so hot in this country ......................:)

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