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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Friday, May 25, 2012

D 10

Hello!!!                                                                                           23 May 2012

Wow this week went by way, way fast. 
My comp and I have been having the best times lately, probably better than I have had during my mission. 

We are working really hard with the leaders in the ward and the results are awesome. Even though Dajabon isn’t that big and doesn’t have many families, all the members want to get involved and they do a good job.   The President of the rama (branch) came teaching with us one day.  Part of our plan was to pass by an investigator that we hadn’t talked to for a while just to check up on them. We went by his house and knocked on the door, no one answered and as we started to go, his kids came running to the door and told us to come in.  It was a happy reunion right from the start, but anyway, we got the chance to talk to him again about the Book of Mormon and to our surprise (we didn’t think that he had been reading), he started telling us all about how Christ came to the Americas and talked to and blessed the people then called somebody to be a prophet and have power, and on and on... hah it was amazing that he was so interested and had read and thought about it so much. So we went over those chapters in 3 Nephi with him and at the end my comp invited him to be baptized!  He along with his family said yes.  To be honest it was one of the coolest experiences ever because finally we found a family that wants to progress together.  

Last night another member of the branch came out with us and we got the chance to visit some of the people that we are currently teaching.  He was awesome, he invited people to church, shared his testimony, and told us about other people that may listen to us.  He really helped a lot. I thought to myself how important the members are in missionary work. Yhey can relate to people in ways that we just don’t.

I would invite all of you to make it a point to get together with the missionaries and go out with them.  You don’t have to know the missionary discussions, just be able to share your thoughts and testimony on the subject that’s being taught.  As a missionary I can see the difference it makes when a “normal” person is with us.  So....go out with missionaries and give references!!!!!!! :)

This Saturday we will have our first baptism in Dajabon. Iris Leidy is going to get baptized and I am so excited for her because she has been through a lot and changed so much. She stopped drinking, changed the way lives, and the way she dresses herself, and the way she talks. She honestly has changed her life and I have been there to see her do it.

The week after her baptism she is going to the temple with the ward to do baptisms for the dead! Its tight.

I love you all. I am writing letters to you all so I will send them shortly. You are all amazing!!!

Take care!


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