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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Thursday, December 15, 2011

El Ejido 12

Hola familia Griner!!!                                                                     12/14/2011
Hola hola hola hola! Amigo y vecinos (friends and neighbors)
It’s been an awesome week full of fun stuff and good experiences! 
I had the first baptism of my life!  It was the coolest thing ever! hahh I got to baptize Willi last Saturday.  We had almost all of the youth from the young men and young women’s groups there to support him and most of the primary as well as his Mom!!!  It was a huge show of love and support! 
We went to fill up the baptismal font like 4 hours before the baptism.  We put blue dye in the water to make it look cooler (???)  But, when we came back the water was like green and had a centipede swimming it! haha (oh how I love it here).   It was, well, funny.  So anyway we got it as clean as we could and had the baptism!
We are teaching Willi’s Mom now which is a freaking miracle because before his baptism she didn’t ever want to hear from us.  The Lord puts others (Willi) in the perfect spot to help others! Anyway it was fun!
I was asked to give a talk in church the next day on Sunday by the Bishop while we were at his house.  I asked him ... well what do you want me to talk about?  He said hmmm, whatever you feel the ward needs to hear! haha funny. So I picked the purpose of Christ’s life, I talked about his birth and Christmas time, His ministry and His atonement.  I spoke in Spanish of course, and I think that it went well. 
I don’t know if I told yall this story but it’s hilarious. We were walking to one of our lesson in El Ejido and on the way we saw a car that had died.  They were trying to push it, so we stopped to help them. We started pushing it around a corner - we had to push really hard because it was a little bit of an incline -, so we push hard and are waiting for the guy that is steering the thing to turn, at the last second he finally turns – his friends are yelling at him – then we start down a little decline and he picks up a little speed but isn’t braking.  After a minute he still doesn’t brake and so we just let go and there his car goes right into the 3 foot high curb.  It messed up his bumper and front headlight. Anyway, we ran around to the driver’s side and came to find out that the guy that was steering was wasted/ drunk and didn’t have a clue of what was going on!!  Right after that we went to teach the lesson and guess what the subject was?  haha We taught the word of wisdom!! And we used that example as to why we don’t drink! Haha – just the example we needed at just the right time!  I’m glad that nothing serious happened to the guy who was drunk.
Today was the greatest pday ever.  We went to the stake center and had an activity day with the whole zone and played basketball and stick ball. Stick ball is the best!  We have a broom stick and bottle caps (like milk bottle sized caps) and play baseball with ‘em (no wonder the Dominicans are so good at baseball)!
We also had a Christmas party with President Lee.  Santa Claus came and we played games and had a lot of fun!
Christmas day we can call for an hour from the church or we can use skype at an internet center. I’ll be getting a new comp just before Christmas, on the 21st, and he is the one that will decide. So, I will let you know when I do!! hahah I really can’t wait ! It’ll be fun!    About the phone call home - whomever wants to be there can be, just as long as they want to and will talk to me! hahah
But hey, I love all of you!  Next Wednesday I will have a new comp, Hopefully a Dominican so I can learn the language a little quicker.  Elder Jensen is probably going to be transferred.  I’ll miss him.  He’s been a great trainer.  Sad day right!
Okay love you !!

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