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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Friday, December 9, 2011

El Ejido 11

I would like to spend some time talking about Dominican time, if church starts at 9 in reality are starts at 9:35 and if we have a meeting at 7 it starts at 830.  OH, and if some tells you they are 5 minutes away its more like an hour, if it rains you shouldn’t even expect anyone to come! haha  Nothing starts on time here and a lot of time is wasted on waiting! haha frustrating but ya gotta live with it.

It was kind of funny this Sunday, elder Jensen and I got to the church at 8:40 and had to set up all the chairs, prepare the sacrament, put out all the books and greet the people.  We had investigadores (investigators) there at 9:00, but the members didn’t come until  9:20 and we had to start without the Bishop because he didn’t come in until 9:30! Honestly!  My comp and I just laugh now, because every meeting that we have we ask them to be on time, we always have things prepared, but we're on Dominican time :) haha .
But this week was fun! We taught a lot and I finally feel like I can teach a little bit in Spanish.  We taught a lesson last night that was pretty cool even though we got rejected.  We were teaching Reafeal Enrique with one of our best new members Eudy and we sat down on the curb with plans to invite him to be baptized.  We started talking and found out that he has read so so much and he told us that he thought all of this is true so my comp invited him to be baptized if he found out for sure that it was true.  He waited for a little and then went on to tell us that he likes to drink but knows that it’s bad for his body, but he doesn’t want to stop drinking and that if he gets baptized he knows he'll have to stop. haha.  We tried to assure him that he has someone looking out for him and shared a scripture with him but he was so so stiff on him liking to drink.  I really hope that we get the chance to teach him more.

 We had a district meeting this Monday and I had to teach how we could reach our goals as a district.  So I prepared something pretty good and was ready to go.  We showed up to the meeting and had our interviews with our DL and when I got out of mine I saw the mission president sitting there........ haha
I thought... oh great!  So I got to share my first presentation in my mission with him there and it went pretty well ! I shared how the first principle of the doctrine of Christ "faith" applies more to missionary work than any other time in our lives and how trust in the Lord and action can help us reach our rewards or metas (D&C 59 23).

 We have a baptism on Saturday!! Finally! haha, Willi is getting baptized this Saturday and we think that Eudy will baptize him which is awesome!
We have been teaching willi a ton and his friends but we still can’t get to his mom but we hope that she will attend the baptism and be a part of it all and have that open a door for the two white kids to come in.

But happy December I hope it snows and that someone in the fam goes skiing!!!!! haha love you all

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