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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Friday, December 2, 2011

El Ejido 10

Dear Family and friends,                                                                         11/30/2011

This week has been pretty fun! we have had a lot of ups and downs some disappointments and things like that but it’s okay. 

 Our transfer is on the 21st of December so during Christmas I will finally be with a Dominican in the same area hopefully but we never know, President Lee could do whatever he’s prompted to. 

I’m sad to say that Mario didn’t get baptized.  We went over to his house 4 days before his baptism. Just to confirm that’s everything was okay.  So, after we had already planned everything, supposedly his Tia (Aunt) called and said that he couldn’t get baptized!  He lives with his grandma and uncle and doesn’t know where his parents are. So I guess the Tia has some authority over him. The Bishop is going to talk to her and try to field some of her concerns.  Wily is awesome and will be getting baptized on the tenth, which is exciting! 

We are also teaching another less active family that has two kids that aren’t baptized.  One of them is 14yers old named Jeffery and we taught him the 2nd lesson about the plan of salvation. The whole time he was asking questions and wanted to know more and more and at the end he stopped us and started telling us how bad he wanted to live in the celestial kingdom and how he is going to read his scriptures and do que dios quiere (what God wants him to) so he can live there and he said that he is going to follow the example of Christ and also tell his family about it..... Then we paused..... and he said .... I’ve never been so serious about anything in my life!  hahahahaha. The Spirit there was awesome. 

We also planned a movie night at the church outside on the cancho (lawn?) with a projector. We went and bought drinks and cookies and popcorn. A ton of people were there, many that we never thought would ever show up!  So, that went well other than me having to serve the food the whole time. Ha

Verjilio our mission leader got married in the chapel and then the next day in the temple.  We got to go to the wedding and it was tight. The Dominican dancing is the bomb.  I was so depressed because we couldn’t dance haha!  

 And on the house that we are building, we got the roof on the front part of the house which was fun to do. It’s hard work but fun. He lives on the fourth floor and so to get the roof parts up there Ii had to strap myself to the fence and have Elder Jensen hand me the slabs.  I had to throw them over the fence,... I wish i had a picture of it , it was crazy,.

So, we have to mop all the time here to keep the floor clean. One day I was cooking fritos with oil and was pouring the oil into a cup to save it and se cayo la vaso ( the glass fell over) and the oil went everywhere. So I cleaned it up with the mop and cleaned the mop . The next day I decided to mop again and when I got done we leftto do missionary work.  When we came back I sat down in my chair and it almost went out from under me because the floor was still so slippery from the oil that was left in the mop. So now we can just about ski on our floor ! haha its funny . But this next week will be awesome.

 I love ya’ll !!!

Elder Matt Griner 

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