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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

El Ejido 9

Hey Fam! 
What’s up! How is it going!! Are all of the decorations for Thanksgiving up? and How is the family?

I just got done playing softball this morning.  We played forever it seems.  We were in a place called Vea Vista with the whole zone and like 3 members and a couple investigators.  It was way fun and so good to get out and do something like that.  Most of the missionaries are – well .... missionaries and not really that great at sports, but some of the natives could really play, so we had a good time.

This week we have been working so hard to get lessons with members.  So yesterday we called like 4 people and left with anyone we could. We are learning to teach shorter more effective lessons so we can teach and explain the concepts and they will have time to focus on a few important principles and we can spend more time in finding and teaching more people.  When we teach full lessons it seems as though some of our investigators are on information overload. So we try to teach key principles and teach with the Spirit so they can hear as well as feel the gospel.

Once again, we didn’t have many people at church, except for the two kids that we have baptismal dates with. They are Willie and Mario.  Mario will hopefully be getting baptized this weekend on Saturday.  We have taught him everything and have planned everything but his grandma is a stiffler and might want us to wait a week but that’s alright. and Willie will be baptized on the 10th!!  It’s sweet. 

We taught a lesson in BFE (middle of nowhere) a place called Los Santos to a menos activo (less active) named Oscar. He and his ex-wife are members with 3 kids together, but they separated and are still having problems.  I guess he still beats her sometimes and he went through a disciplinary council and counseling but never finished and just left the church.  We went to talked to him and started bearing our testimonies about the LDM (Libro de Mormon – Book of Mormon) and asked him to come back to church and begin reading the scriptures again. He just started crying and crying and honestly didn’t talk for about 3 minutes.  He knows that he needs to come back because he used to be so good in the church and he knows it’s true.  Here’s the kicker, I don’t think he would’ve felt that he needed to come back or that he was needed without us talking to him! so yay.

My companion and I have started doing something way cool I think. We went to the church and typed out our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and on the back of them is the “Questions of the soul”  (kind of a FAQ) that the Book of Mormon can answer and also how we pray and receive answers. We will be putting them into each BOM that we give out so others can know how these two gringos feel about this book!  hah. 

Another cool lesson that we had this week was with Annita, she lives with the first counselor of our barrio (ward) and she is "investigating" as she told us hahah I thought to myself.... duh..... ha anyway so we get to her house with Fredrico, who is a 19 year old that needs to serve a mission but doesn’t think he will be able to…, but as we sat down the first thing that she says to us is that she is not getting baptized! hah it was funny because we had never even talked to her about it. ! 
But yeah, I hope that yall have an awesome thanksgiving without me hahah. I’ll cook tomorrow to remind myself of thanksgiving!  
I‘m thankful for you all!!


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