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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

El Ejido 6

Hey all!


This week went well and we had a lot of success finding and teaching.

But I would say that the funest thing that we did this week is - now that we have torn down the old wood shack house - we started to build up Romy’s house!  It’s awesome.  He went and bought a little buzz box arc welder and metal cutting chop saw so that we could start build the frame of his house today.  I sent some pictures so that you can have a better idea of what we are doing. The frame we are building is made out of 2.0 X 2.0 steel tubes that have to be welded and then somehow we will attach the cinder blocks after the frames are all done.  I got to weld some of the tube!  It was great.  I told him about Grandpa Griner being a welder and Dad welding to help put himself through BYU haha it must run in the blood. 

We take 2 of our mornings, after study, and go and help him. Today we spent the whole morning measuring, sawing, welding and getting baked to death in the heat, but its pouring buckets now so it’s cooling off.  haha.

We also helped Alifda, our recent convert, move and that was crazy as well. She lived on the third floor so we would have to take things down to the second floor and ten toss her things out of the window, because the stair wells were too small.  It feels like we are always doing a service project.
“When you are in the service of your fellow man…! Haha

I had my last meeting as a new missionary this week and it went well. The Mission President implemented a program to help the new missionaries prepare and progress during their first transfer.  So we go over the discussions and how to approach people and question and answers, etc. all in Spanish.  So all of the Elders that came out when I did get together weekly to learn and practice in a big group.  My companion and I had the assignment to demonstrate, in front of everyone, how to present the Book of Mormon, and we killed it!

Our mission President is a very cool guy.  He’s pretty strict.  I guess that he needs to be because apparently there have been some unmotivated (ya that’s a good way to put it)  missionaries here in the past and he is trying to curb that before it starts.  If you have no motivation it would be easy to get lazy, but like Elder Scott taught us in the MTC “if you knew what I know about this gospel, you would run to teach it!”  My companion and I are trying our best to learn and understand those feelings as we work hard. 

Iseal and Esel are two of our new investigators and they are awesome. They are 19 and 20 years old respectively. They read, they pray and they invite people to hear what we have to say!  We were sitting on the side walk teaching a lesson to some dude the other day.  They saw us teaching and came over and talked with us for a minute then invited the guy we were teaching to church!   After listening to them, he was way more receptive, because he now knows that Dominicans believe in the stuff that these  two whiteys are teachings as well haha.

Not a lot has changed here! My patience is still getting tried every day I just have to understand that things are, well different here, and I hope that is something that I will be able to get used to. 



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