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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Friday, November 11, 2011

El Ejido 7

hola hola Familia y amigos                                                                     09 Nov 2011
toda esta bien por aqui ahora.

This week has been really up and down. Dad you had some questions about Iseal and Esel and also Delvi.
      Iseal and his brother are doing great.  They haven’t come to church yet, but other than that they are golden investigators. They read everything and always have way better answers then I could explain. They are about the same age as my comp and I and so it is fun to teach and talk to them.
      Delvi is still on our list, he scared us the other day. We were at an activity that we put together for the young men and while we were there he called us to say that he didn’t want to hear from us anymore and that he felt like he was wasting our time. Elder Jensen was on the phone and somehow reasoned with him and answered some questions. But he was able to schedule another cita (appointment) with him. We are having a hard time thinking of what else to do with/for him because he has received a blessing and has fasted as well...ugh.

     Okay so we had the worst day ever on Saturday. WE had so many charlas (discussions) set up and we were pumped to go out and work. We got to the first and they weren’t there, then the same with the next and then the next and then the next. So we were a little down. But we kept at it - doing some street contacting, etc.  While we were out we decided to go find one of our investigators that we haven’t seen in a while. We got to his house and he wasn’t there either – we had a great streak going –haha, but we saw him a little ways down the street, So I waved at him and motioned for him to come over by us, but he acted like he didn’t see us and booked it around the corner, que sin verquenza,(jerk) Since nothing else was going on we decided to have a little fun and follow him.  When we turned the corner he honestly was nowhere to be found!  Joke was on us, I guess.  When that happened I seriously wanted to punch something! Haha, but as a rep of Jesus Christ, that’s apparently not allowed..... So that day was pretty subpar until our appointment at Iseal’s house. They are amazing and made my day better because they do everything Christ asks.  One of those trial of your faith days!

     Something really cool happened yesterday. Oh, first of all I finished my first transfer!!!!! Woot woot..  
     We got a phone call, and it showed President Lee’s (the mission President) number on the screen!  We don’t usually get a call from him so everything is going thru our minds wondering what was going on.  I was kinda freaking out because it’s my week with the phone.  So I was getting all pumped to talk to him and then when I answered it, it was the english speaking AP (assistant to the President – there’s one english speaking and 1 native Spanish speaking AP) from Lindon, (the one that Shelly Bonnett knows) anyway, but he invited my companion and me to come into the office so we could meet the new incoming Elders and take them on intercambios (trade offs, splits, exchanges … ). I said sure, ‘cause you always say sure when asked to help out! haha
     Okay so the freakout continues!   I’ve only been out 6 weeks and now I was supposed to take some greeny (brand new elder) that knows basically nothing with me, especially when I don’t know that much either!. Haha, Anyway I was excited to give it a try.  So we got to the mission home and to my surprise guess who is there with the new Elders? 
     None other than AUSTIN ROSE! It was way cool to see and talk to him for a bit, also cool to see the star struck look on the faces of the other greenies, That’s must be what I looked like just one transfer ago! haha.  It’s just been a short time but I feel like I know so much more now than when I first came into the mission home!   That thought boosted my confidence a little bit more, so I wasn’t quite so nervous about taking out a greeny on his 1st day!
     I was paired with an Elder from Peru. He is 24.  I’m glad I got a native speaker to help with my still growing Spanish skills - he and I were awesome together.  We were assigned to go back into my area, so being in a familiar area helped also.  We were able to teach a couple of lessons did some door knockin and street contacting and placed a Book of Mormon. ... ya, it was fun! Kind of made up for the other day!

I love yall ! I hope all is well THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LETTER!!!  It made my week.


P.S.  I’ll send you a picture of our progress on the house, it’s pretty sweet. I’m finally putting my math skills that I learned in school into play. ...finally – yes kid’s math is important!  Look at the compound angles we had to calculate and cut and weld!

Mom you asked if I had to do my own wash.  Of course mother!  We have this little thing called a lavadora (washing machine) and we fill up buckets of water and dump them into it and put our clothes in with some soap and the lavadora just spins our clothes with the water.  Then next to the spinner there is another thing that spins to dry.  So you do that for one cycle and then drain the dirty water out and then pour in new water and then wash again with more soap - spin dry again and hang them out on a wire for about 3 hours to dry and hope it doesn’t rain!  It’s great fun. lol

Did I ever tell you that in the CCM there was a washer and dryer like yours at home?  It reminded me so so so much of you and home!!?

The weather – ya – It’s HOT, HOT, HOT and then for a change it’s HOT haha!  The power went out today, so we couldn’t use our fans!  I/we just about died. Elder Jensen even after being here for a year isn’t quite used to it.  It isn’t quite as hot as Arizona but this is a humid heat so it is stifling!  In the picture I sent I went into the kitchen and lay on the tile to try to get cool and my comp snapped a picture of me!! hahah 



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