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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Friday, September 2, 2011


Hey all!                                                                              1 Sept 2011
Funny thing happened yesterday I uh, woke up , got in the shower got dressed, brushed my teeth, washed my mouth out and I looked up from the sink and 1/4 of my front left tooth was gone!!!! Funny right!....... NOT.  I guess my filling had been knocked out or fell out during the night and I must have swallowed it!  They are getting me an appointment to get it filled either today or tomorrow so if I don't email then that is where I am!!   My tooth is fine, not sensitive,  and will be getting fixed, so don't worry and I won't either.  I don't know where the dentist is at but, I’ll just get in the car and I hope I get there with everyone’s crazy driving . Both the President and his wife will take me or maybe our front desk manager - that doesn’t speak a lick of English. Either way I’ll be okay!
 I will be sending some pictures of the CCM, my comp and me, Elder Gale from Jamica and Elder Sancho from Guyana.  My companions name is Elder Hamilton from Sandy,Utah.  He and I are getting along great.

We went to the university last week on Friday and got to talk to people for two hours, and after 30 minutes of struggling through conversations, we just decided to start handing out pamphlets and explaining them . We walked around the whole campus until I saw a baseball field and of course I went right towards it.  We stopped and asked a couple of guys, who was playing and if it was the schools team.  They didn't know so they told us to just go watch. Well we couldn't do that so we started walking away from the field, and as we did 5 people that were behind us as we were talking to the other guys whistled at us telling us to come back! My comp and I were pumped! We walked over to them and heard.... CAN YOU HELP US WITH OUR HOMEWORK... hahah in English!!  We accepted, and they proceeded to read off their paragraphs having us correct them.  It turns out that they were studying English in the building right next to us.  After we helped them, - we couldn't leave without sharing a message - we gave them the good ole do you believe in God question and they all answered, but then all had questions of the Book of Mormon ,.,, I looked at my companion with an excited looked and then we went on teaching about Joseph Smith and the apostasy.  The bible came up and they wanted to know why there were so many different translations of the bible, we didn't have an great answer for them other than people thru the ages have tried to make the Bible fit their liking in words or sentence structure they understood, so we just bore our testimonies of the Book of Mormon and left them with a copy. They accepted it willingly. It was amazing to be able to teach some one that is not fake ( like our pretend investigators that we practice our lesson with) and who had honest questions for us.  I loved it and can't wait to go back.  We scheduled a time to meet with them this Friday! It’s awesome.
The people down here are very excepting, and patient with our Spanish or lack thereof! Haha  It makes me more excited to get into the field! 
We have a ping pong table in a rec room here.   I am not the ping pong champion here, sadly.  We have two college tennis players in our group, so they take me to school every time I play them.
Anyway I will be writing again. I love you!!!


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