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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Dear Family and friends,                                                            17/Sep/2011
Hey ya’ll sorry about yesterday, there was a huge storm that went through and knocked out the power and internet for a bunch of the city!  I will hopefully be emailing later today but who knows. We have experience in the field at 1:30 until 5:00.  So I will finally be in the field!!  I’m pumped anyway here is a picture of Blake from his farewell !!! Dad - LOVE THE BEARD!!!!!
Momma, people have been getting packages pretty easy through the Miami address. So, if ya’ll want to send me some goodies I’d willing except them. Haha.  No, but really YES.  I love you.
HEY !!!! Sorry that we didn't get to email yesterday like i said there was a storm that was huge and wiped out most of the electricity and internet around here!  The lightning was amazing! It woke me up a couple of time in the middle of the night.  The thunder was crazy loud and close!! Thunder in Utah is nothing compared to what happened here the other night! It shook the whole building.  So the next morning we all get up and are ready to email but the servers are down. They must have taken a pretty good power spike or something.  We were all disappointed ‘cause we love to hear from home and friends.  But was okay.  Everything happens for a reason. Right?
So, it sounds like the family and friends are doing okay except for GOO.  What in the world happened to his foot?  That is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.  It’s way too bad that he needs to come home for surgery. Staci, I’m sorry to hear that it sounds like another big change in plans. Things will work out and it’ll be just fine!! Not easy to hear but just have a little faith – okay, a lot of faith!  I’ll keep you guys in my prayers.
Lindsay and Sa sent me Dear’s as well as Grandpa and Luena!  I responded to G’pas letter, so, hopefully he will get that soon. But, it sounds like Lindsay is just going through life! haha I can’t wait to experience that when i get back!  Are David and Bristen really looking for a house? Tthat is so cool. Then David could do the yard! Jk  But that really is awesome that they will be able to do that even though things didn't go as planned.
Momma you golf too much and win too much, haha., Wasatch sounds awesome and mountains and trees .... AHH that'd be nice.  The mountain course, really? Ojala., DAD, really though, you look so normal – kinda like you -with the beard I love it!
Ya know it says in the mission rules not go swimming. But, every time I walk outside here I must be breaking the rules because I’m just soaking wet!  And if you can only imagine me after playing basketball or running for the hour we get for gym.  I almost feel like I have the sweating disease!  I’m so frustrated that the Latin Elders didn't bring baseball gloves to the MTC!  I wanted to play catch with someone so bad! I should’ve thought to bring two! But it’s okay!
We had the opportunity, last Pday to go to the colonial city where Columbus landed.  It is amazing!  We walked into the first cathedral built here and supposedly they were about to start mass.  So here we were, a whole bunch of white Mormons – missionaries no less - walking into the most respected Catholic building on the island.  We were allowed to take pictures and wander before they started.  So we did.  But it was so awkward in there.  I couldn't believe it!  We also went to a museum and got to walk around am.  I found a peacock that liked me while we were in the courtyard so I’ll send ya a picture of that!
We sing, sometimes, in the MTC just for the fun of it.  We sang “Come thou font…” when elder Gale and Sancho left.  So I will try and upload that video as well. 
I leave in less than two weeks now.  I am so excited as well as nervous. But I am more than ready to get going on my mission!  We have about a four hour experience in the field today and so we will be able to see what the field is like. My group is going with Elders from the Santo Domingo East mission.  Who knows?  I might be pared up with Elder Denton. 
It’s so good to hear that all of my buddies are going on missions.  It’s awesome!
Hey, I love all of you and am so proud of all those who are going on missions and thank you family for all you are doing!


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