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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Saturday, April 28, 2012

D 6

Whats up fam ºº                                                                              April 25, 2012

Thank you for the update and info on Grandma’s funeral.  It stinks that I couldn’t be there, but I’m glad that everything went well and everyone came.  It sounds like it was a nice meeting with the different things you guys did trying to tie the generations together and to have Elder Perry talk.  Ya, I remember Brooklynn.  That’s so cool that grandma had that much of a positive influence on her even when she couldn’t communicate or take care of herself!

Welp, this week has been a lot a lot different. We had transfers and I finished up my time with Elder Guerrero.  I can honestly say that I have learned more about how to conduct my life, with him than I ever have.  He taught me things that I was doing wrong and I saw how I didn’t want to be and how I can be.  So I am grateful for him in as a companion.  But now he is gone and I got my kid (new Elder) haha.  His name is elder Esparza from Chile.  He’s 18 years old and just a smart dude with a big personality.  He has been in the church since he was born and knows a ton.  He has a ton of experience with the missionaries and knows a lot about the mission so it won’t be too hard to help him along. 

 This week I have improved a lot in my abilities to conduct a lesson and have it be effective. We got to a point, Elder Guerrero and I, in the lesson where proposing a baptismal date and placing a copy of the Book of Mormon was very easily done.

With the family that grandma helped us find (note from Matt’s Dad:  The Sunday prior to Matt’s Grandma’s passing I asked her if it were possible to somehow let Matt know of her love and support –since he wouldn’t be able to come home for her funeral – and to leave a referral of a family for him to teach – well the next day Matt and his companion contacted this family)  we taught them the plan of salvation and wow the questions that they had were crazy ,i.e., what is beyond the stars? and what is time like to God? and where did God come from.  So we did our best to answer all that we could and I think it turned out well!!  Which is good ha .

At church Yohanni showed up for Sunday school and sacrament meeting and loved every minute of it . The Relief Society sat next to her the whole time and she asked questions and I think that she learned so much.  We had a lesson with her after church and asked her why she came that day.  She simply told us because the Lord wants me to go!! hahaha she’s golden .

Aparte de eso (other than that)  I have been studying and trying to prepare everything for the new missionary that came and I totally feel inadequate but I know that I can do it . I just hope that we will be smart and hard working missionaries that are guided by the Spirit to do good things  so he can get off to a good start as a missionary then teach others as he gets to lead or train.

I hope all is well in Utah I love yall

Elder Griner

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