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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Sunday, February 26, 2012

EE 22

So hello family!

My week has gone by so so fast and its scaring me how fast.

First off, a shout out to my cousin lauren francom, my comp wants to marry you...... so be ready for a short Dominican in about 5 months! hahah.

Happy birthday to David and to Grandpa Francom!!

The 2 baptisms are still on for my birthday on the 25th!!

You asked about my P-day so far?   eh it’s okay... I cleaned the whole flipping day!

HA anyway, this week we have tried so hard to find new people , knocking on doors and calling and getting references but wow almost no luck. But some weeks, that’s the mission for you.  We do however; have a couple people that are progressing which makes me really happy.  

A lady named Alexandra and her kids Miguel and Eternly.  We have the most deep conversations with her it’s crazy.  She really, really wants to know about true repentance; so we spent forever on that, and then got around to how baptism is for the remission of sins. She took it pretty well, but when she found out that her baptism was not done by the proper authority - a little bit of an apostasy- she freaked a little. But she is okay and is coming to the activities that we are having at the church and she has plans to come to church this Sunday and I’m pumped for her to come with her family.

Another that is coming along; well, her name is Yohanna and she is a single mom of 4.  She’s smart as ever and reads and always has questions for us. One thing about her, is that she is always hooped up on coffee so we need to settle her down and talk a little bit about that.

I have found that intercambios (trade-offs with other missionaries) are my favorite things, because we get to learn and act more with other missionaries.  We did an intercambio with missionaries in our district and a brand new missionary came over to my area to be with me for the day.  He didn’t know much but he did what he was taught in the CCM (Spanish MTC) and we had a way good time. We worked way fast and surprisingly (or not) we found a new person that we are now teaching together. It’s fun stuff.  Momma, to your question - my comp is a good guy. He doesn’t follow the rules much but were working on it. ! haha He is just having a hard time because he is really close to finishing his mission (not really an excuse, right?).  But anyway it was fun to be with that new Elder and work hard all day.

So, while we were out, we found a whole bunch of puppies that were abandoned and you know me with dogs .... haha.  They are brand new pups and I want to take one home so so bad !!!  These pups are still clean but they are wild and most of the wild dogs here are hairless, flea-bitten mongrels.  But those puppies were way cool.  I’ll send a picture.

Hey Dad!!! Thanks for the email!! Yeah the transfers are every 6 weeks and I think that I will have about 6 months in this area which is a long time!! But I like it here. The only downside is that I have gotten really close to and comfortable with the members; which in a way is good, but sometimes we are there a lot. ha but I feel like I have grown a lot in this area!
Well sorry I don’t have much more to say this week.  But I love ya’ll and hope everything is going good!!!

Bye bye



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