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Therefore, … whosoever will come may come and partake of the waters of life freely;

Alma 42:27

Friday, February 3, 2012

EE 19

Hey guys!                                                                                             2/1/2012

Mira. yo tuve un sueño....... ( I had a dream ) hahahaha
Wow it’s been a good week and I have learned and felt a lot. Elder Alexis was transferred and called to be a zone leader.  My new comp is Elder Ruiz!  He is a Dominican and a really cool guy.  He’s the new district leader, and is almost dying in the mission (his 2 years are almost up) but I’m excited to work with him – another native, that really helps me with the language and with learning about this place and its people.

During this week we had a couple experiences that have really changed my mind about being a missionary, and have helped me think of what I want to achieve as a missionary. Elder Alexis helped me realize that I need to set goals and work to achieve them.

We were in a lesson with a family; the Moms’ name is Alexandra and her son is Miguel. We talked and talked and talked about life and school and everything outside the topics of the gospel just to get an outlook on her life.   When it came time to talk about the gospel I was at a loss of words, but I still struggled through what I wanted to say. After the lesson and feeling the spirit and all of the missionary stuff, I finally stopped and asked my comp, what in the world do I need to do to be better at this whole thing.  He simply told me, it’s all about your study and the goals you have. It’s true; I realized that if I want to get better, I have to work for it. Dad that is something you have always tried to tell me; that nothing great comes easy.  We have the Griner curse/blessing – we are really good at some things and it’s the measure of the man to work hard and not be satisfied with good.  Sometimes in my life things have come easier than others. Here, right now I need to work to become better than good!  Elder Alexis helped me realize that.
Haha, about the dreams; this week has been a week of dreams, about every morning my comp would tell me about a dream he had just had!  One morning the first thing that I heard out of his mouth was "I placed a baptismal date last night " haha, and then that night Manuel told us about another dream that he had that I won’t even try and explain that one. haha

We are trying to get Mildred and her live-in, whom I have talked about before, married.  We are also working with him to stop smoking so they can get baptized in the next month.  We had the opportunity to do some service for them and put a door handle on their door.  After we finished she wanted to talk, but we couldn’t because there wasn’t another male in the house.  I felt terrible – rules are rules and for a good reason - but they are doing good and progressing.

I don’t know if I told yall about Veronica or not, she is the niece of one of our stronger members and we have been teaching her for a little while.  She’s 19 and was going to the institute with the single people haha, I don’t know what to call them in English (YSL institute) but ya.  She has been visiting the church a lot. We got a call from her aunt and I guess that she told her that she didn’t want us to pass by her house anymore, but that she would read and visit the church on her own.  We’re still praying for her and passing by her house to find out her concerns to stay in the battle.  It’ll be good,

For right now I will stay here in El Ejido, enjoy the people and members, and have fun and do my best as an Elder and as Elder Ruiz’s comp.  I really like my area and I’ll be sad when it’s my turn to get transferred.  I have at least another 6 weeks here – that will make 24 weeks in this piece of heaven!!

Bye bye fam!  Love to all

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