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Alma 42:27

Thursday, October 6, 2011

El Ejido 2

Hey all,                                                                                                                                      5 Oct 2011

What’s up people! How are you!  No, I didn't get transferred, Mom, I’m still here in El Ejido. It’s an awesome place and I love it!

I don't have pictures yet, which is sad because I wish I could show you this place. We live in a really rich area but the area we tract in is very poor.  Our apartment isn’t dirty anymore.  We have worked on it each pday. One thing it really needed was to get fumigated. We just had that done.  So there are no more cockroaches – hasta la vista my leetle friends! haha. 

The schedule here is a lot different then I thought it was going to be. We study in the morning for 3 hours and then go out and teach a couple of lessons and do some contacting.  Then come back for lunch at 12:00, eat and have an hour of language study! So, wow books are my favorite. haha.  I am able to read in Spanish finally, and don’t touch my English scriptures or Preach My Gospel much, but it is still a challenge. Anyway, my schedule as a real missionary is wake up at 6:30, exercise and eat breakfast, study from 7:30 - 8:30 personally, then at 8:30 start comp study till 10:30, leave, go proselyte till 12:00, eat, rest, then at 2:30 leave again until 9:30.

Okay so exciting news!! We have three baptisms scheduled on Saturday that my companion Elder Jensen, and his old comp had set!  Here’s the great thing -  this week I was able to extend my first baptismal challenge and got a commitment!! It was tight! Actually the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever experienced! After I issued the invitation he, Delvi, looked at me and said ... si, 29 de Octubre esta bien (yes 29 of October , is fine)..... haha Absolutely the  coolest thing ever.  Those of you who have been through that know the feelings.

I didn’t know that I would teach  the first lesson so many times in one day! My goodness.   There is a mission goal to meet 10 new people a day.  We usually get like 13.  Every person we meet, we teach the first lesson to.  We adjust the concepts according to their needs and by the promptings of the Spirit!  

Now that I’ve got the hang of things a little better, my comp and I have started to switch off starting and scheduling the days plan.

The life people live here is way different then I have ever known, ie, we are building a new home for one of the members.  Elder Jensen, my companion, has drawn out all of the plans for it. The house is for a son of one of the members.  Right now he lives on top of his parent’s house in a wood shack that he made himself.  This is our service project for him.

We went over yesterday morning with our district (all good guys) and took all of the things off of the fourth floor all the way down the stairs to ground level to get ready to start building the house. So, as long as my comp is still in the area , the next two transfers, we will be doing this for our service project. 

Conference was the bomb!! I about cried when President Monson announced that WE WERE GETTING A NEW TEMPLE in Provo!!!!! That’s the best thing I could ever imagine! Awesome!

We went over to the estaca (stake center) to watch it in English - and I loved it .
There are a lot of native speakers in my zone and it helps a lot.  I’m learnig phrasing and words that I probably wouldn’t learn from the gringos .haha. 

I am having a good time here! It’s way way way hot here with a lot of humidity.  Our apartment is on the fourth floor.  So after walking all day,  teaching lessons and climbing up sketcthy/scary stairs, we get to drag our butts (oops!) up our stairs.  But it’s like Elder Scott said, " if you knew what i know about this gospel, you would run to preach it" !

I love you all and wish I could write to each of you! You’re the best and keep winning games! OOOOO Mommma I got your package and it cost me a lot of money because of duties or whatever.  So, I guess it’s better to just send packages to the mission home address city and not through Miami! Sorry, I just found that out – an expensive lesson!


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